Frequently Asked Questions

Why are you so much more expensive than chain stores?
Have you ever been through the process of getting your family photographed at a chain store?  I did that myself when my daughter was first born and will never do it again.  You get to sit and wait forever to get your pictures, then you’re rushed through a photo shoot with props that have been used by countless others and who knows when the last time they were cleaned was, then rushed directly to a purchasing area where you are shown 20 different images that haven’t been touched up or edited.  Even if you have a coupon, it only applies to certain things and really – it was only sent to you to get you in the door.  It is a draining process!  This is the exact opposite of that experience.  First, we start in a place that is comfortable to you and your family.  That could be in your home or at a location of your choice.  Then, we take our time and you get my undivided attention.  I get to know you and your family so that the photo shoot is fun and relaxed.  Then, I go back to my studio and spend hours editing your images to perfection.  I can spend up to 40 minutes on just one image to bring out that cute dimple or those soulful eyes – whatever makes your family or children unique.  Finally, you receive your portraits that were customized to fit your needs a budget.  Because of the time, attention, talent and detail involved, pricing for art is much different than pricing for commercial prints.

What does your session fee include?
My session fee includes a 1-2 hour session with me, my time and talent editing your photos, and 20-30 of the best edited shots made available to you online via password to view as proofs.  All proofs contain a watermark, though the watermark is removed for purchased prints.

What is the most cost-effective way of getting portraits taken with you?
A package!  All of my packages include my session fee and prints at a significant discount compared to a la carte pricing.  I can also customize a package based upon your budget and portrait needs.

What about clothing choices?
Feel free to bring a change of clothes for your session – we can get a variety of shots in within the time frame.  I always recommend solids at least on top if we are taking pictures of more than one person.  Whites should be avoided if possible given their reflective qualities.  Otherwise, feel free to dress up or down depending on what you would like the images to convey.  Remember, we want everyone to feel comfortable and for their best selves to shine through.  Dress for that purpose!

What does this process look like?
First – get in contact with me!  Given busy schedules, email usually works best via the contact page.  I usually respond to email within just a few short hours.  After you contact me and let me know what you are looking for, we design a package or print selection just for your needs.  Then, we pick a day and a location that works for you and your family.  I work out of Westminster, MD and many of my images are taken at Evermore Farm (www.evermorefarm.com) which is my parents’ farm.  There are 20 beautiful acres with woods, fields, historic property and buildings that make for great photos.  In addition, we can go to local parks, downtown, or your home.  I travel within a 25 mile radius without a fee.  I’ll contact you a few days before our photo shoot to finalize details and then we meet!  I get to know you and your family a bit and take some casual “getting to know you” pictures and then as the time progresses, we have a fun and relaxing time taking some great images.  Payment is due in full that day, and you’ll receive a copy of your invoice as well as the password for your proof images online.  Then I’ll come back to the studio and get to work editing.  Within 1-2 weeks you’ll receive an email notifying you that your pictures are ready to view online.  You can share those proofs with whomever you like.  If you chose a package that included prints, you’ll let me know which images you want for each print and they will arrive within 1 week in boutique packaging.


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