Shutterbug Session! [Maryland Photography Class]

Don’t forget to register for this fantastic event!  On February 18th, I’ll be hosting a Shutterbug Session: Learning how to use your camera and edit your photos.  This class is designed to help anyone who has a camera and just wants to take some nice pictures of their kids and family.  Did you get a new camera for Christmas and want to use it, but have no idea what all the buttons mean?  Or maybe you have a point and shoot camera but want to get some beautiful images out of it.  Then this event is for YOU!

This class is only 3 hours and you walk away with a bunch of amazing FREE gifts!  Here’s the rundown of the day:

1.) Custom-designed tutorials for you and your camera

2.) Brunch items and coffee to chat with other moms and new friends

3.) Babysitter for the kids while we work

4.) A swag bag with free gifts from local vendors

5.) A free digital image of you and your child/children

So what are you waiting for?  Register using the link below, grab your camera, your kids, and a laptop (if you have one) and join me for our Shutterbug Session on February 18th!


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