Use of Color

Selective use of color can also have powerful effects.  By taking an image from color to black and white, you can add a whole different mood to the image.  It also highlights some areas and pulls away from others.  Take a look at this image in both color and black and white:

You’ll notice the differences right away.  You can  do this with your own images easily in photo editing software installed on all computers, or on web-based programs like .  Obviously, they are not as sophisticated as professional software, but they do give you some wonderful flexibility.

You can also work on highlighting only one area of the image in color while the rest is black and white, or vice versa, like this:

This technique takes care and precision, highlighting the use of detail in the work.  To do this, simply select the “color” brush in any photo application and brush the color in or out, depending on the effect you’re after.  Here’s a tutorial for how to do this in Photoshop, as well as in the free, web-based program Aviary that we discussed above.  Both of these are photo-editing options that you can do after you take the pictures and upload them to your computer.


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