Light and Shadows

Being cognizant of the use of light in photography is very important.  Noticing where the light is in relationship to the image you are shooting is paramount to how the picture turns out.
1.) Generally speaking, if the light is behind the object, the more features you will be able to see.  You don’t want the light to be directly on the object you are shooting, as it will wash out all the shadows and become brash and glaring.

2.) Pick your light source in advance and arrange your subject so that the light is where you pick up the desired effect.  If you are looking for more shadows, place the light farther away from your object; if you are looking for more highlights, place the light closer.

3.) Sunlight is always the best light choice, as it’s the most natural.  Therefore, you’ll need to turn your body and your camera so that you capture an object in the correct relation to the sunlight source.


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