Think Spring! {Westminster, Maryland Newborn, Child and Family Photographer}

It’s been far too long since I’ve done a post, so please forgive me.  Winter months are typically the slowest for natural light photographers: the light length is shorter, weather is unpredictable and let’s face it – it’s just darn cold.  So it’s also a good time to work on photography skill work, marketing for the new year and catching up on other things that you let slide throughout the rest of the year.

While I’ve been hibernating this winter, I’ve been working on several new ideas and projects.  I’ve started blogging personally and professionally, taking great portraits of my daughter in her first real snow, and working up the new spring price list and logos.  So, it’s been exciting!

The studio is gearing up again for spring, though, so if you want to capture the last of these winter deals, contact me quickly to set up your booking.  Remember, the Love Bug specials are going on through the whole month of February and these prices won’t return again for a looooong time.  Simply book your session with me between now and February 28th and you’ll receive the Lovebug pricing no matter when your actual session date is.  This is great for those of you who want to take some spring/summer pictures and were waiting until the weather gets warmer.  Book now and reap those savings no matter when your photo session!

I’ll be posting some of the latest Emma portraits in the next few days from her first foray into the winter wonderland this month.  Until then, I thought I’d show you the new logo for the studio.  Pretty, clean and fresh – just like my photographs!  Think Spring!


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