The Art of Pool

This weekend, I celebrated my 2nd anniversary with my wonderful husband. This year, we combined our celebration with Kevin’s cousin Megan to share in her amazing wedding. As such, we took a long weekend trip to the Inn at Leola Village near Lancaster, PA. The pictures in this post are a taste of our journey. The Inn was gorgeous, as was the wedding and we all had a fantastic time. But perhaps the most interesting part of our trip this year was the fact that we only turned on the TV once, and didn’t access the internet at all. Instead, we got outside and explored, enjoyed each others’ company and took our time to absorb everything around us. In the midst of this, we got to a lull on Sunday evening where there was literally nothing to do. Rather than turn on that big screen, though, we took a chance to explore our hotel and found….a billiards room! We played checkers (which I haven’t played since I was a kid) and tried our hand at pool. Neither of us was any good, but we had a great time trying. I guess the art of pool is the same as the art of living – calculate your moves, learn the angles, figure out when to strike lightly or with more power, but above all – get out there and try! So without further ado….our trip to Lancaster!


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