Newborn, Child and Family Photography in Westminster, MD

Welcome to my very first blog from my studio! As I’m writing this, I have just finished editing the pictures from my best friend’s bridal shower as well as some great shots of the newest addition to the Myers family. Both projects were so fulfilling. The bridal shower was fun and I so enjoy taking pictures of the candid moments. The family portraits were even more fun because the twin girls were so different, each picture captured how individual each girl was while at the same time showing their reliance upon each other.

Just by way of introduction: my name is Susan Riley and I own and operate SusanRiley photography. I specialize in taking beautiful, natural portraits of newborns, children and families in natural light settings. This means that I come to you! We can take pictures in your home, out in the yard, or at your local favorite spot. As a teacher, I am a firm believer in capturing children as they are, rather than posing them in a studio and having a picture on the wall that looks like any other child. Your child is unique, and therefore, should be captured doing things and being special to them. After a relaxed and fun photo shoot, I then come back to my studio and edit the portraits to perfection. I work hard to bring out that special dimple, great smile or pure elation that makes your little one a miracle. Usually, it takes me between 20-40 minutes PER PHOTO to get the picture just right. Finally, you end up with 20-30 of the best pictures from the shoot to choose from. I send them to you to preview online (I recommend viewing them while relaxing with a cup of coffee and taking your time looking at all the details) and you then have the options of ordering your favorites. From start to finish, you’ll receive your portraits within 2-3 weeks of the actual photo shoot.

Newborn, child and family photography is an art and I am so honored that you would consider using me to capture those moments. I look forward to meeting you soon!

~ Susan


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